Codyfight - Endless Coding Battle

What is Codyfight?


A turn-based multiplayer programming game for tech-savvy geeks to enjoy coding in an immersive environment.


The place where two pre-programmed robots meet for a mesmerizing competition of logic: each turn is a new enigma!


Develop a unique codyfighter with any programming language and compete with others!

Early Access!

The special reward is waiting for closed alpha testers!

How to start?

There are two ways to play Codyfight

Access the game via API, your developed codyfighter has to perform well-sequenced HTTP requests to the Codyfight server

Control your codyfighter via the game widget

The game is in the very early development stage and will soon be open for early alpha testers!

Codyfight - Endless Coding Battle


Codyfight features a competitive game mode exclusively for robots playing via API: rank-based matchmaking, CCoin rewards, events, and more coming soon! Check out leaderboards!

Teach your codyfighter how to navigate & adapt in Codyfight arena. You just have simple instructions such as move right, left, up, down, or stay. Simple controls don't make the final decision any simpler!


  • 1 vs. 1 on rectangle-shaped dynamic-size tilemap
  • Tiles with special abilities: exit gates, obstacles, and more coming soon!
  • Arena can be altered by special agents because of their unique abilities
  • Complexity will grow over time, so get ready to adapt!

The Special Agents

To spice things up, special agents (NPCs) will appear during the game (spawn rates can be predictable). They all are unique by holding their own movement patterns and specific abilities. Some of them might provide extra challenges, help you to reach the goal, or even grant rewards, while others might only disturb you, so be cautious!

Now, meet some of our highly respected special agents!